TV & Advertising

Terry has a history working with production companies throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Maryland has long been a production hotspot for TV & Film and there is a thriving commercial advertising market there that provides a wealth of local top tier clients. Aerial perspectives are required for  almost every production in todays film industry, including Television and Advertising.

Services Include:

Cinematography and drones go hand in hand, there is no denying it. The ability to move a camera in never before possible ways has sparked a revolution of creativity across the filmmaking world over the last several years. This technology has found itself at home equally from Hollywood film sets to small scale construction sites. The ability to pull out wide and reveal vast portions of land while also being able to fly in tight for a close up on just the right detail make drones a wise tool for virtually all video production projects. Multi-person teams with dedicated pilot, camera operator and production assistant are available as well as a simple one person pilot filming, depending on project type, budget and camera/lens requirements. Learn More.

Aerial Photography is obviously at the root of everything Mr Kilby has worked on for the past decade, and it is a task he takes very seriously. From the beginning it has been an artistic outlet and one he continues to push to this day. While most of the other services that came after it use a drone as a way to capture data, aerial photography (and cinematography by matter of extension) is the true art form of the platform. Being able to picture the right composition in your mind and knowing how to capture that in the real world is a large task. Capturing just the right angle, surroundings, lighting and time of year is something that only an experienced aerial photographer can do time and time again. Learn More.

Time Lapse Photography has been a passion of Mr Kilby’s for some time and one he works into projects any chance he gets. Motion controlled time lapse in particular including sliders, turntables and drones are at the front of his interests. Time Lapses are great for capturing environment and activity alike, depending on the project. They have been used to document everything from long creative processes such as painting or sculpting to the stars of the night sky racing around the north star. Learn More.